Treatment units at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre


Our clinic is equipped with a variety of treatment planning imaging and therapy units including:

  • Elekta Linacs with CBCT, of which 7 are VMAT-capable
  • 3 Philips CT Simulators
  • TomoTherapy units
  • 1 CyberKnife G4 robotic radio-surgery system
  • A Brachytherapy Suite equipped with:
    • An operating room
    • HDR treatment unit
    • Ultrasound unit
    • Siemens ARCADIS Orbic C-arm
  • A PET-CT scanner
  • An Orthovoltage treatment system

Treatment Planning

The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre was the first in the world to clinically use commercial Monte Carlo based treatment planning systems.  This started in 2002 with electron beams and later with the addition of Monaco for photon IMRT planning.

TOHCC currently has the following treatment planning systems available:

  • Elekta Monaco5
  • CyberKnife MultiPlan
  • Tomotherapy Treatment Planning System
  • Oncentra Prostate Treatment Planning system
  • Oncentra HDR Planning System

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